You are one to the world but to one, you are the world. Have you ever wondered if you could give an account of how many people helped you as a child to grow into the very young adult you are today? Family, neighbors, peer group, school, religious centres & yes! the community, a growing process it was really.

One and more contributed to shaping the today we have. In a flash, I can still recount memories of brothers, mothers, aunts & uncles who I unknowingly swung out my tiny little hands to, requesting they help me cross the road leading to my alma mater, not once & certainly not twice. For several times, this was a norm & never was there hesitation from them to bring my dreams of arriving at school safe.

I can ascertain that those adult hands that held my tiny palm didn’t know they were volunteering to give me the present I now live in.
There are benefits from volunteering, as most opportunities eagerly await us right in our backyard, with the reward of self-fulfillment and giving back to the society that contributed to who we are today.

Over the years, I have realized that one can receive a lot of personal gain from lending a helping hand. From having strengthened ties with my community to intense gratitude, kindness, and learning patience, making new friends, learning how other people live, experiencing the time and patience to being a leader & a role model, gaining new insights on other cultures and ways of life, learning about humility and kindness. All these & more the society dropped in my bare hands as a seed that helped my growing.

Yes & of course now my heart has become more full every time I see volunteers wanting to give back to society, from someone less fortunate, a child who is less empowered to get an education that comes with a price. This is because, whether the society lacks the social status or the children are less fortunate in accessing good education, health, etc. I have come to learn that some of the most important life lessons come from the “less fortunate”. As many of these individuals have more wisdom, generosity, and kindness than those who we consider being “more fortunate”.

A lot of children are being deprived of access to good education, & for the ones that can have access to it, help give them a future by bridging the gap that stands between them and their learning centers.

You too, yes you & I mean you can lend a hand to that child, by volunteering to help school children cross roads.

You are one to the world, but to those children, like I was once, you are truly the world!

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