5 Unique things about Mangoes

Do you know that Mangoes are super plants?.  I was surfing the internet to find out some facts about mangoes and I stumbled on these on Aghires Blog.

As you may already know,  mangoes have rich nutritional values which  provides us with 60% of our daily requirements of vitamin C and 21% of vitamin A, these unique fruits also have some interesting facts about them that would wow you, happy reading: 

  1. Mango leaves are toxic for cattle feed: Have you ever wondered why you’ve probably never seen cattle eat mango leaves? Now you know why. Their leaves are quite toxic for these animals – repugnant even. Burning their leaves, wood, or debris is also toxic. It’s almost as if there’s a silent war between mango seeds and the seeds of a cattle (lol)
  2. Do not judge a mango’s ripeness by the colour of its skin but by the content of its flesh: Martin Luther King Jr. had foresight when he concluded that a person should not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. This could easily apply to some species of Mangoes like the Peter and Kent  Mangoes. The Peter Mango looks green and Unripe on the outside. However, do not be quick to conclude on Mr. Peter’s ripeness until you squeeze on it. The Kent Mango also has the same Facade, except that, unlike the Peter, the Kent is green with a red blush at the base. However, the most clue you could get from a ripened Kent is Yellow undertones or dots covering more of the mango as it ripens.
  3. Their trees can grow up to 100 feet with a canopy of over 35 feet: This is as tall as the statue of Buddha in Japan or the Richmond Castle.
  4. Mango Trees can still bear fruit after 300 years:  These Super plants are literally evergreen. A single tree can remain fertile and still bear fruits even after several generations have come and gone.
  5. Mangoes are related to cashews:  Shocker right? Yes, Mangoes and Cashews belong to the Anacardiaceae family and are botanically related. You’d be right to call them cousins.

Now that you know these amazing facts about Mangoes, fancy joining 

Our team to give Mangoes to schools under our givtree2schools project?

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