Tree Planting Activities Across Schools in Africa
This project is an attempt to galvanize the African community of humanitarians to be engaged in fortifying the tree canopies that exist within all school communities in the continent. The driving force behind this project is specifically the spirit of volunteerism. Individual Volunteers are motivated by the level of humanitarian support coming from organizations and which encourage them further to create school clubs with at least 100 students per club who are responsible to planting trees within their respective schools.

Volunteer Community Service

Assisting School Children @Road Crossing
One of the cardinal objective of building a community of humanitarians is to build capacity of individual volunteers through community development activities. Our large community of Volunteers across Nigeria is involved in assisting School Children at Road Crossing points that are situated on our roads. This is to help curb down the level of danger on the lives of the Children. The State chapters are independently planning and implementing this projects across communities with less supervision by the Headquarters.

Humanitarian School Resumption Services (HUSRES)

Engagement & deployment of Volunteers to Schools to Assist in Observing Covid-19 Protocol.
In the spirit of service for humanity, GivFree Africa is taking the lead in the area of mobilization of supports and interventions to communities and individuals across the Africa continent. The charity and humanitarian based platform seeks to deploy her resources in calling for spirited individual citizens to play their usual role as Donors and all users on our platform to help the schools, parents/guardians and children in securing the required items.