As GivFree Africa is in-touch with some key players in the highest positions of global environmental organizations, it is equally important to bring onboard the most passionate organizations within the African continent as collaborative partners. We are all aware that the success of this project largely depends with the commitment coming from the strategic partnership with other organizations across Africa and abroad. As such, we welcome all environmental friendly and ecosystem protection organizations in the African States to join us as collaborative partners on the GivTree2School project.

Project Managers

for Organizations in across Africa countries responsible for ensuring that all country’s stakeholders are properly supervised and managed.

Schools Authorities

Despite being known as beneficiaries of the project, the school authorities have a major role as collaborative partners. The school will host and run the School Clubs together with Lead Volunteers who are members of the school communities.

Supportive Partners

These are individuals, private and public organizations that will be giving the project all forms of supports ranging from tangible to non tangible items.

GivFree Africa is extending a handshake for a working relationship under the categories above from individuals to organization who are willing to be part of this history project.
Kindly fill out the form below to us necessary information about your organization or business.

We are thanking you in anticipation of a collaborative working relationship for the success of the GivTree2School project.