Dear Human,
Never Surrender.

It all started with one dare. I was dared to deep my roots to the bottom of the toughest rocks and see if I could survive… I dared.

It took me gathering all the courage I had to surmount this dreadful task. As daunting as it seemed, I vowed to be known as “the tree who dared”.

So I began, pushing through the core of my obstacle, bracing the harshest conditions and vowing to not give up.

it seemed like a big futile drag to all my counterparts who watched. They asked me to surrender instead, I died.

And after a little moment in my grave, I sprouted up, arose again like a phoenix, breaking through my obstacle with my axe of guts… my leaves first and then my flowers, after then my fruits which are the evidence that I am the tree who dared.

So dear human, like me,
Never surrender.

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