Our ecosystem is depleting and it’s all your fault. You eat too much!

Where did you dispose of the last wrap of cookies you ate? And the pet bottle of coke?

How many times did you run to the ladies or gents to rid your stomach of all the food you stuffed it with? Did you flush every time you went? No, you don’t need to answer that.

Food and climate change experts have carried out researches that show that the food system is a major contributor to climate change and without significant shifts in global diets, it is unlikely the world will achieve its target of combating climate change with its Sustainable development goal 13.

A recent study by Carbon Brief with a range of scientists and policymakers showed just how important a change in diet will create a positive impact on our climate.

One of the participants of this study- Dr. Rosemary Ostfeld strongly believes that food waste is a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions.

In other words, she is asking you to eat the food you buy and don’t waste it because for every time you make excess food that you have to throw away, you are contributing to the greenhouse gas emissions in our ecosystem.

Another expert, Dr. Amos Tai said “Adopting a diet of ‘mostly plants’ would not only simply be a doctor’s recommendation to their patients but also one of the most profound paths towards a sustainable planet”

Have you figured out why you are being accused of eating too much? You’ve been eating too much of the wrong foods. This not only causes you bodily harm but causes significant harm to our climate as well.

Why not join us as we resolve to plant more fruit trees in our environment? You can never go wrong with fruits. 🤷🏽‍♀️

What do you say?

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