We are excited on additional charity tool called My State Cares (#MSC) that is coming soon on GivFree Africa platform.

GivFree Africa is creating Humanity Wallet for all the 36 States plus FCT. Individuals from their respective states will be crowd funding their State’s Humanity Wallet which is strictly used for mobilization of humanitarian interventions for vulnerable people in the respective states. This wisdom behind the #MSC_StateName is to encourage people in every State to be their brothers keeper. No matter how much amount you intend to throw into your State’s Humanity Wallet does not matter. It is an act of crowd funding for a purpose of service to humanity.

The amount in each Humanity Wallet of each State will be known by the members of the public. All Support Tickets served or funded under a given State will be accounted for.

Send your little donation to fund your State’s Humanity Wallet to be used in funding every Request/Support Ticket as it is being generated by individual volunteers from your State. You will see the tickets when created, you will see the items when funded settled and smiles on the faces of beneficiaries when the items get to them.

Go on, fund your State’s Humanity Wallet now and #GivFree2Community.

Donate a Tree

The schools, including your old school (Alma mater) need economic tree seedlings, kindly help donate tree seedling by dropping it to the school or send your donations and let us know that you donation is from a particular school, we will locate the school and drop it.

Use the Donate form and chose the Donate a Tree.