The main goal is to provide an avenue for students to learn, interact and contribute to the well-being of the society and create an enabling environmental atmosphere for all man-kind.

You can sponsor a school or schools. Toegther we can do more.
Schools Organisations
School owners can invite the Givfree Team to set up this friendly project.



We must save our continent against the looming climate crisis and to do just that, we must mobilize future generations to also take responsibility. It is time to work on providing and fortifying the canopy of trees that exist around every school environment in Africa.

There are thousands of School premises in every country in Africa spread across communities with thousands of pupils and students, and their teachers. Such environment can afford us the opportunity of galvanizing the large number of school children and students to take part in the GivTree2School project.  

The principal focus is get students at early life stage exposed to learning the importance of conserving their environment and teach them the value of tree planting so that they can nurture the trees in schools at exactly when they are being nurtured at school.

The sole purpose of engaging students is to increase their support for local environment and let them learn the culture to adding value to their environment even as they thrive to achieve academic goals. This will also provide us an opportunity to inspire school students, school administrators and communities to take part in the global climate goals.

  • To create a continental workforce against the adverse effect of climate change
  • To integrate students and volunteers into community and environmental services.
  • To fortify the existing canopy of trees across Africa and the world
  • Creating a platform for environmental awareness and tree planting activities
  • Encouraging pupils, students, teachers and communities to take responsibility and take a lead in saving their environment.
  • To provide generations of Children and teachers with healthy nutrition options and environmental education opportunities
  • Exploring economic value of trees to the local communities
  • Planting trees and gardens at schools can bring out the beauty of the school environment.
  • The trees will improve the quality of air. It helps to increase the oxygen available in the air 
  • Trees clean the water runoff from the buildings with their roots.
  • Trees will enrich the students and residents’ lives and enrich the earth.
  • Trees flowers attract bees, birds, and butterflies — all of which we need to pollinate food gardens in the community
  • Helps to decrease the effect of ravaging erosion of the soil/Erosion control
  • It provides food, shelter and protection for birds and mammals. Helps to balance the ecosystem
  • Reinforce soil quality
  • Primary partners– Organizations directly involved in the day-to-day activities and in the implementation process. They include but not limited to the GivFree Africa Volunteers, the pupils/students and the experts.
  • Secondary Partners– Non-government and not-for-profit organizations- local and international. They will be involved in the mobilization and management of Volunteer activities within all African communities.
  • Universal Partners– Government and the Organized Private Sectors.
  • Government- Ministries, Departments and Agencies(MDA’s) of Government in each participating African state. These would also include international governments/foreign mission who have programs and already dedicated funding to ecosystem protection and reforestation of Africa. This category of partners shall be cultivated for the establishment of legislations, and policy promulgations that can support the preservation of the ecosystem and natural environment.
  • Organized Private Sector(OPS)- Private sector organizations across all sectors of the African economy. Our OPS prospects will range from medium scale to large scale enterprises, production companies, Captains of Industries, multinational companies. These category of Universal partners have a dedicated fund called the CSR-Corporate Social Responsibility which we hope to leverage.